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Here is some stuff in the news today!

[Content Note: Sexual harassment] Another day; two more women have come forward with allegations that Democratic San Diego Mayor Bob Filner sexually harassed them. How has this guy not resigned yet?

[CN: Racism] In case you were wondering (I bet you weren't!), Rand Paul is still a huge jackass, and still saying "there is no greater defender, truly, of minority rights if you include minorities to be color of your skin or the color of your ideology than myself."

[CN: Ageism, hostility to consent] Guess who is also still a huge jackass? Anthony Weiner! Who has no respect for anyone's consent, apparently, and reportedly said to a 69-year-old man who asked Weiner not to touch him: "What are you going to do about it, grandpa?" This fucking guy.

[CN: Sexting, presumably consensual] An Australian MP, who is head of the ethics committee, has stepped down after it was made public "that he sent a number of explicit sexts and images to his mistress, including a selfie of his penis in a glass of red wine." Whoops!

I'm sure there are other stories of straight white male politicians behaving like dirtbags, but that's probably enough for today!

[CN: Violent language] Bayou Corne, Louisiana, is disappearing into a sinkhole after a salt cavern injection-mined by the petrochemical company Texas Brine collapsed.

[CN: Kidnapping, abuse] The Cleveland home of Ariel Castro, where he held three women for more than a decade before they escaped with help from a neighbor in May, has been demolished. "The longest-held captive, Michelle Knight, arrived at the site with a bunch of yellow balloons and watched as the home of her tormentor was torn to the ground." Blub.

[CN: Guns; violence] Three people are dead and three injured after a gunman opened fire during a town hall meeting in northeastern Pennsylvania. The shooter is apparently an aggrieved hoarder whose property had recently been seized by the county sheriff.

This is just a really great story about a dog who saved the life of his elderly neighbor. What a good dog!

You should probably make your cat a USS Enterprise cat tree. Your cat deserves it!

Would you like a 6-inch figurine of yourself that is uncannily realistic? Well, if you've got $300, you can get one!

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