This is so the worst thing you're going to read all day.

[Content Note: Fat hatred; discussion of eating.]

Wendy Sachs at CNN: The other F-word: Talking to kids about obesity.

The other f-word. Fat. Get it? Like it's a curse. Or worse:
We don't use the F-word in my family. And by F, I'm not talking about the F-bombs, because those get dropped from time to time. I'm talking about the word "fat." The word is banned from my house with the same vigilance that racist language would not be tolerated. Extreme, perhaps, but I have a husband who went through a chubby stage and still bears the scars of his prepubescent ridicule.
Never mind that lots of fat people—not people "who went through a chubby stage," but actual, currently, permanently fat people—prefer to be called fat, for a variety of reasons, including and especially because destigmatizing the word and recognizing it instead as a neutral descriptor is a crucial part of reducing the bullying and dehumanization of fat people.

No, instead Wendy Sachs thinks she's a fucking hero for treating the word "fat" like a racial slur. For saving we fat people from our own activism.

Fuck. Off.

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