Quote of the Day

[Content Note: Christian supremacy.]

"It is your patriotic duty to worship God in order that we may have a prosperous and flourishing economy."Bryan Fischer, Professional Annoyfuck and Director of Issues Analysis for the American Family Association, on his garbage radio show this week.

Yes, if only we had a religious president, a religious vice-president, an almost entirely religious executive branch, an almost entirely religious Congress, and 50 almost entirely religious state legislatures. Then our economy would be flourishing. If only! It's just too bad how atheists are running everything.

Oh, what's that, Bryan Fischer? You meant it's everyone's patriotic duty to worship God in the exact way you prescribe, even though the social and economic policies you support are actually antithetical to a robust economy? Huh.

Once again I will observe that even if I were presented with definitive proof that a god did exist, and that god was exactly the petty, retributive, narcissistic revenge-monster that conservative evangelicals imagine him to be, who punishes people with poverty and neglect and abuse and suffering because they don't "believe" hard enough, or right enough, I would reject that asshole on principle.

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