Monday Blogaround

This blogaround brought to you by an accidentally reanimated t-rex.

Recommended reading:

Zimmerman trial and Trayvon Martin related news [content note on all items for violence and racism]:

BYP: Trayvon Martin's Father Speaks out on Verdict

Christen: An Open Love Note to My Son: On Mourning, Love, and Black Motherhood

Resistance: Dear George Zimmerman

Reni: The trial of Zimmerman was, in practice, the trial of Trayvon. Not even death vindicated him from suspicion.

Sikivu: Trayvon's Class of 2013

Jamilah: 100 Young Black Activists Respond to George Zimmerman's Acquittal

Other stuff:

SW: Diagnosed as Fat [Content Note: Fat bias; medical malfeasance.]

Fannie: Schadenfreude Moment of the Week [Content Note: Homophobia.]

Andy: RIP Cory Monteith

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