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Here is some stuff in the news today!

[Content Note: War on agency.] Republican Texas Governor Rick Perry has signed the sweeping anti-abortion bill into law surrounded by gleeful dirtbags.

Meanwhile, Democratic Texas House Representative Harold Dutton Jr. has introduced a bill banning any further abortion restrictions until the state bans capital punishment. He's calling your pro-life bluff, yo!

Seventeen people were arrested in proximity to peaceful protests of the Zimmerman verdict.

[CN: Prisoner abuse.] Ohio prisons have "shut down electricity and operated on emergency generators for several hours twice this week" to save money, leaving prisoners without lights or fans. Don't worry, though! Staff offices still had AC and "electrified fences and all security systems remained operational." Fuckers.

CN Lester has, with a panel of trans* and/or gender-queer activists, put together a 101 resource on frequently and infrequently asked questions. Check it out!

[CN: Injury; death.] Dr. Jen Gunter has written a piece describing what abortion by coat hanger is actually like, so assholes who make jokes about it can understand exactly about what they're yukking it up. (I'm looking at you, Erick Erickson.)

[CN: War; drones; death.] Nasser al-Awlaki's son and grandson were both US citizens killed by drone strikes, and he wants some answers and accountability.

PayPal accidentally credited a dude $92 quadrillion. Whoops!

"It took eight days and 12 helpers to set up this system of 277,000 dominoes." Whoa!

Do you want to see the full list of Emmy nominations? Well, here it is!

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