Calling All Pro-Choice Men

[Content Note: Hostility to agency.]

There has been a lot of discussion here and elsewhere about the fact that the Republican party and conservative operatives who are advocating and legislating against choice are disproportionately men. In the interest of showing those men that they do not have the universal support of other men in their assault on the rights of women and other people with uteri, and that there are men who trust women et. al., and want us to have bodily autonomy, the right of self-determination, and full access to our federally guaranteed right to control over our reproduction, and because treating the fight for reproductive rights as "woman's work" is some fucked-up irony, I invite men who support choice and access, and who trust women et. al. to make the best decisions for ourselves, to leave in comments why it is that you support choice and have nothing but contempt for attempts to restrict it.

Pro-Choice Men: Make as much noise, MAKE MORE NOISE, than anti-choice men!

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