Question of the Day

What is something you regularly do that people might consider "old fashioned?"

This was originally posted by Spudsy (and I'm reposting it with his permission). His answer was:
I know many friends of mine consider simply cooking a meal "old fashioned," but I'm talking about every day activities you do that someone might consider unusual.

For example, I use a shaving brush and shaving soap in a tube. I haven't quite gone to a straight razor yet, but I may get there if Gillette ever drops the Sensor 3 blade. (I won't use Mach 3, thank you very much.) Sure, it may not be as "convenient" as using a shaving gel, but when you have a really tough beard like mine, it's the best shave you can get. I'd love to find a barber that still gives a shave with my haircut!

...Another "old fashioned" example I could add to this is that I still listen to actual records. And not just 33 1/3 LP's; I actually own a cabinet-style Victrola that only plays 78's, and I still listen to records on it on a regular basis.
As for me, I still totes play my Atari 2600. For a long time, I was just super uncool. Now I'm a "retro gamer." LOL.

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