Obesity Is a Disease Now, You Know

[Content Note: Fat hatred.]

Texting! With Liss and Eastsidekate!

Kate: Apparently, [Westsidebecca] say this in Real Simple, because Real Simple is awful. [sends image]

image of a page from Real Simple Magazine featuring the headline 'Is your home OBESOGENIC?' and a cartoon image of a fat white woman with blond hair looking miserable, whose fat torso has been replaced by a house

Liss: Whut. Obesogenic will be the new buzzword now that fat is a disease.

Kate: From the Latin for WHUT. I prefer "obsogenic."

Liss: I prefer CATCHFATS!

Kate: LOL! Real Simple is full of shit, but you knew that because you're obsogenic.

Liss: I wish it were full of DOUGHNUTS. (Full disclosure: I don't care for doughnuts.)

Kate: How about donuts?

Liss: Those are even worse.


Liss: LOL!

Kate: Personally, I like doughnuts, just not all the foo-foo ones. Bacon, home brew, and Froot Loops on a 4 lb bear claw!

Liss: Directions: Eat while wearing a trucker hat. IRONICALLY.

Kate: Just in the handlebar mustache parts of Brooklyn.

Liss: My favorite thing is when thin hipsters blog about how gross fat, poor, Midwestern people are from cafes with free wi-fi while sucking down a $7 soy latte and eating an ironic doughnut. It makes me think, "I should be ashamed of myself."

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