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[Content note for linked segment: Fat hatred, classism, disablism, racism]

Dear Daily Show staff involved with this segment on Paula Deen:

Fatness? Not the problem with Paula Deen.

Working class food? Also not Paula Deen's problem.

Butter? Hahahahahahaha NOPE.

Diabetes? Is certainly a problem for Paula Deen, but is definitely not the problem with Paula Deen.

Racism? AH YES! That is, in fact, the problem with Paula Deen.

Perhaps in future you'll bear that in mind. Deen's racist remarks are a serious issue, not an excuse to exercise your own biases. If you're fighting one prejudice by entrenching others, then you are doing it wrong.

No Love,


P.S. Special to John Oliver: If you find you can easily crack jokes on a topic "all night," then you might double-check to make sure that isn't because they are cheap shots fueled by prejudice.

teaspoon icon You can contact the Daily Show here. You can also Tweet @TheDailyShow. John Oliver, who is filling in during Jon Stewart's hiatus, can be Tweeted @iamjohnoliver.

H/t Liss w/special thanks to SKM and M.

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