Daily Dose of Cute

Normally when I open the door in the morning to let the dogs back in for breakfast after their morning constitutional, they are waiting at the door. This morning, there was Important Squirrel Business:

The camera looks out at the backyard from where I'm standing in the doorway of the garage. First Zelly is seen running through the garden toward a big tree, then Dudley quickly follows behind her. Zelly looks up at the tree's branches, which are like 15 feet off the ground. "Puppies, c'mere!" I say. Dudley comes galloping toward me along the path. He's usually the one who never listens, and Zelly's usually the one who is, so I know there's something afoot, lol. Dudley realizes Zelly isn't behind him and turns around, looking for her. Once she comes trotting toward us, he runs in the house. But Zelly stops and turns and looks back at the tree. "What are you doin'?" I ask her. She takes a step back toward the tree and stands at attention. "You're never gonna get that squirrel," I tell her. She takes another step forward and lifts a paw. "Never," I say. She turns and walks toward me, but can't resist turning back around at the door for one last look. I make kissy noises. "Come on." She ignores me. "Zelly." She turns and comes into the house, thwarted!
Pix from the garden this morning:

image of Zelda the Black and Tan Mutt standing in the garden

image of Dudley the Greyhound standing in the garden

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