2FA, #21

comic strip of Deeky and Liss having the following conversation: Deeky: They should give Val Kilmer every best actor award ever retroactively. Liss: YES. I wish he were president. No—fuck that. I wish he were galactic king. Deeky: LOLOLOL yes! Liss: If I ran everything, it'd all be better. Chiefly cuz I'd leave everything in Val Kilmer's capable hands immediately. I'd stay on as a consultant. Deeky: Sure. Solid plan.

From a conversation after I randomly texted Deeks an image of Val Kilmer one day. I think it was after seeing Val Kilmer talking about how he's been writing a screenplay about Mark Twain for ten years. For the record, neither of us really wants Val Kilmer to be galactic king. And I don't really want to run everything. Deeky does, though.

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