Yeah, It's Because I'm a Partisan

[Content Note: Descriptions of sexual violence; guns.]

Yesterday, I wrote of the Cleveland Kidnapping Case: "I haven't written much about this case, because it's a hard one for me." Conservative blogger Robert Stacy McCain has a different theory:

screen cap of Robert Stacy McCain tweet quoting me and then saying: 'REGISTERED DEMOCRAT'

No, Robert Stacy McCain, the reason this case is hard for me is not because Ariel Castro is a registered Democrat. The reason this case is hard for me is because I was raped by a man who not only raped me in my own home, but also used to take me to his home, at the end of a gun, and lock me in his basement, and hurt me there, too. It's hard for me because, when his father found me, shivering and afraid, he told his son, "Tell her to make a pizza while she's down there," before he walked back upstairs and shut the door behind him. It's hard for me because I was forced to make fucking dinner for the abuser who called me his girlfriend and his cruelly indifferent father.

Reading about this case brings all of that back—the parts I most hate thinking about, the parts I don't usually write about. That's why it's hard.

Not because I'm a partisan, you reprehensible stain. Because I'm a survivor.

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