Question of the Day

We've done this one before, but not for a long while: What piece of information or anecdote about your life would Shakers (or family, or coworkers, or whatever group you prefer to use) find most surprising?

I can't imagine what anyone would or would not find surprising about me, since I'm always amazed by what wildly divergent impressions people draw of me from the blog. I have answered previously that maybe people would be surprised to find out how naturally introverted I am. But maybe not, now that I've written about that a little.

I dunno. Maybe people would be surprised to find out that I have constantly filthy feet, which Iain affectionately refers to as my "dirty urchin feet," because I love being barefoot. If it is even the slightest bit warm outside, I'll resist wearing shoes in the garden, and I've even been known to get the mail in bare feet while there's snow on the ground.

When I do wear shoes, it's always without socks. Even my winter boots. I can't even remember the last time I had socks on my feet. I hate socks. They make my feet feel strangled!

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