Discussion Thread: Wad vs. Fold

[Content Note: Scatological humor.]

As promised, here is the natural follow-up to the Great Sitters vs. Standers Debate thread, which is, of course, the Wad vs. Fold Debate.

Don't know what the Great Wad vs. Fold Debate is? Well, let me put it bluntly: It's a debate about whether you wad or fold the toilet paper to wipe your ass. (And/or whatever other parts may need wiping, depending on your individual plumbing.)

I am a folder. Iain was a wadder. Was. But after he witnessed my folding technique, he gave it a try and found it to be much more effective. So he gave up wadding forever and now considers himself a proud folder.

There are, naturally, variations on wad vs. fold. My paternal grandmother, for instance, was a wrapper—she wrapped the toilet paper around the four fingers of one hand, then slid off the wrapped bundle into an effective folded bundle.

And there are people in some parts of the world who use wiping implements other than toilet paper altogether, and anyone who does not use toilet paper on the regular, or didn't at some point in their lives, is welcome to share those techniques, too.

So: Do you wad or fold?

[As always, no judgment of other people's choices, please!]

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