An Observation

Two observations, actually:

1. I am glad every single moment of every single day that Mitt Romney is not the US president. But I am especially glad this week.

2. Last night, as the news of the explosion in Texas broke, I thought about President Obama having to get this news. (And I thought about the person who had to be the one to tell him.) A lot of USians feel very overwhelmed right now—scared and sad and angry and emotionally spent. And I just can't imagine the weight of this on our President. I am sending him what strength I can offer.

In the late hours of the evening, watching grainy footage of triage in a football field where more than a hundred people needed medical attention, as the latest from Boston and updates about ricin-laced letters and quotes from parents of Newtown victims perplexed and disappointed and furious about the Senate's failure to enact even the most basic gun reform scrolled along the bottom of the screen, I texted Jess: "I just feel like the whole country is in need of care. Everyone needing it; everyone feeling empty. How can we fill each other back up when we're all running on emotional fumes? ...We need a national group hug. With President Obama in the middle. And that image just made me cry. I am a mess lol."

And that's pretty much where I stand. And I realize that aching from afar is a comparative luxury.

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