Quote of the Day

[Content Note: Gun violence; racism.]

"[T]he marred bodies of black boys and men who've been hit by police officers' guns are more than representations of precarity. They are targets of the myriad projectiles aimed in the direction of black life. And no matter the class of the black man, his age, his neighborhood, his sexuality, his swag, his swish, or lot, 'bullets' will surely fly his way in NYC. Space shapes. In fact, masculinities, including black masculinities, are performed partially in response to the various external conditions present within the geographical spaces, like NYC, where they emerge. In other words, masculinities are shaped by skewed conceptions of gender, a sexist culture, and the range of structural conditions that impact black men quite negatively. Consider, for instance, what type of black masculinity might emerge in response to a city funded teenage pregnancy prevention ad that pretty much tells black teen [girls] that black boys ain't shit in a city where police use tax-payer funded guns to shoot its residents?"—Darnell L. Moore, in "The Shapings of Black Masculinities" at The Feminist Wire.

This is a stunning piece, a devastating indictment of the kyriarchy. I really encourage you to read the whole thing.

If The Feminist Wire isn't already on your regular reading list, make it so!

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