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[Content note: Rape, rape culture, terrorism, homophobia, violence]

Monday Morning News and Inspiration:

Bonnie Franklin, who played a single mother on One Day at a Time, has died.

Electronic Arts will host a conference to discuss gay issues in games and gaming companies.

Here's just a perfect explanation of why Washington, D.C. is fully dysfunctional.

So, American conservatives and Al Qaeda are in agreement then?

Sad news.

Cardinal Keith O'Brien admitted that to coercing subordinates into sexual situations.

Amazon halts sales of Keep Calm and Rape T-shirts. How did they even start?

The Holocaust was a lot worse than previously thought.

A 13-year-old Mexican drug cartel hitman was found dead. Good christ.

Actual goverement memo, circa 1959: Regulations Governing Mountain Climbing Expeditions in Nepal — Relating to Yeti.

Lech Walesa engages in solidarity with douchebags.

Jay Leno may be leaving The Tonight Show. Finally/again.

A baby born with HIV appears to have been cured.

Holy moly, has anyone seen this? Oof.

And last but least, from a recent email:

It's been a long time coming but, it's finally here. The official Atlas Shrugged Movie collective, Galt's Gulch Online, is now available on your mobile device.

Ummm ... collective?

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