I Get Letters

[Content Note: Guns; rape culture.]

From a concerned correspondent:
You shouldn't advertise that you don't own a gun. It will make people know they are free to rape you.
Thank you for the hot advice, sir!

I hadn't considered that the only reason "people" aren't raping me is because of the possibility I own a gun, and now that I have eradicated that concern, I have communicated that "people" are free to rape me. I guess this is the endgame of "women should own guns to deter rape" arguments: Not owning a gun is construed as consent. Neat!

I have to admit, this is very confusing advice, since, despite having been raped, I am usually helpfully informed by concerned correspondents that no one wants to rape me because I am fat and ugly, since rape is totes a compliment.

Keep the excellent advice coming, friends!

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