Daily Dose of Cute

[Content Note: The images and video below include Matilda chomping at a toy with visible fangs. She's just playing, but if cat aggression is triggering or otherwise problematic for you, you should skip this one.]

image of Matilda the Seal-Point Long-Haired Blue-Eyed Cat sitting on the couch with a little gold bag, looking at me
Matilda and Her Purse

Recently, I got a pair of earrings (or something) from Etsy, which were delivered in small, gold, lamé bag with a drawstring. Matilda loves lamé almost as much as she loves ribbons, so she immediately claimed this bag as hers and now carries it around with her like a fancy lady. She also wants me to play with her and her purse twenty-seven hours a day, because, even though she is 11, she is still as playful as a kitten given a ribbon or bit of lamé is on offer.

And it's not like she wants to play a little bit. SHE WANTS TO PLAY OMG LET'S PLAY I WILL DESTROY MY PURSE BECAUSE I LOVE IT SO MUCH! She wants to play endlessly, and hard. Something about the material just drives her wild. She rears up on her back legs, looking for all the world like a little blue-eyed Wookie, and punches the purse like it's a speed-bag, and bites at the drawstring making loud NOMNOM noises. It turns her into the cutest demon ever, basically.

two images of Matilda playing with her purse as I hold it: in one, she is wildly punching at it; in the other, she is biting the string and making a zany face

If you can view video, here is a video of me playing with Tils and her purse the other day. Every time she turns her head to chomp on the string and makes that zany face, it cracks me up. This, by the way, was after I'd already been playing with her for at least a half hour. And, at the end, she just looks at me like, "Welp, come on, Two-Legs, let's go. KEEP THE GOOD TIMES ROLLING!"

Two hours later, she was back, sitting next to me with her purse clutched between her paws, giving me plaintive looks and yowling at me to play with her again. Which naturally I accommodated because love.

image of Matilda sitting on the couch with her purse between her paws, looking up at me plaintively

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