Wednesday Blogaround

This blogaround brought to you by me. Because.

Adaobi: African Women to Watch in 2013. Because you can nominate African women who are making a difference in the world!

Carla: Jennifer Siebel Newsom’s Oscar-nominated “Invisible War” Has Done “more than Congress” to Address Military Rape Epidemic, Lawmaker Says. Because it is more than “just a movie.” [CN: rape, Military Sexual Trauma].

Chauncey: Moral Appeals are Nice, But Material Realities May Be More Compelling. Because racism and sexism are draining the economy, and the "free market" is anything but.[CN:systemic racism, sexism.]

Laura: Rennard, Sexual Harassment and Male Dominance. Because it’s not just a matter of women “standing up for themselves.” [CN:systemic misogyny, harassment.]

Rabble Staff:Babbling about Idle No More. Because the near-silence of the mainstream media doesn't mean you can't be part of the conversation about Indigenous People's rights. (See also: Idle No More's Call for Ceremony on March 21.[CN: racism]

Katie:Frat Bros for Trans* Rights! Because there are some really cool fraternity brothers out there. [CN: trans*phobia]

Heather: Respresentations of the Hollywood Witch: a Beginning Because Beautiful Creatures sparked a very interesting analysis. [CN: sexism, religious stereotypes.]

Jeanne: Superhero Underwear for Little Girls Are a Big Step Toward Gender Equality. Because it’s bullshit that little girls haven’t had any superhero underwear for themselves. [CN: sexism.}

Madam Premier and Said to Lady Journos: Because if you need a reminder of how fucking sexist the world is (as if! ha!) you can follow the shit said to/about women in journalism and female politicians.[CN: misogyny, sexism.]

And because you may need some fun stuff:

Lisa: 1967 Futurists Imagine 21st Century. Because watching Walter Cronkite walking through this strange thing called a “home office” is pretty awesome.

Mohi: Low Cost and Itsy Bitsy: Tiny Research Satellites Zoom Through Space. Because nanosatellites are freaking cool.

Peter: A Pair of Ostriches Haul a Thousand Pounds. Because the blog Weird Shit in Historic Newspapers always lives up to its name.

Please feel free to add your own links in comments. Because there are never enough feminist bloglinks!

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