The Parks and Rec Open Thread

image of Leslie (Amy Poehler) and Ben (Adam Scott) snuggling romantically on a bench at City Hall
"I love you and I like you."

(Spoilers are getting so totally married herein.)

Okay, so there were two episodes of Parks and Rec last night, and I've only had the chance to watch the first one, which was the conclusion of last week's cliffhanger, i.e. LESLIE AND BEN'S WEDDING YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! But please feel free to discuss both episodes in this thread, even though I'm only covering the first one.

Which was pretty much a perfect episode, though which I blubbed nearly the whole time. I LIT-ERALLY CRIED LIKE CHRIS TRAEGER!

Chris' gift to Ben! Ann's dress for Leslie! Ron's gift to EVERYONE when he punched Jamm in the face! Leslie's dress! Donna singing! Did I mention Leslie's dress yet? LESLIE'S DRESS!

Way to go with that dress, Ann. (And whoever actually made it in real life. Amazing.)

Now you know I was going to be a soppy mess at this episode anyway, but here is something from my real life which I share with you in order for you to understand the exact level of soppymessitude I achieved during Leslie and Ben's wedding: When Iain and I were married by Judge Diane Winter at the Waukegan court house almost 11 years ago, the thing I said to Iain was this: "I love you and I like you." And he said, "I love you and I like you, too." And it's something we've said to each other ever since. So...yeah.

Here are other things I loved!

Ron Swanson head bullet-point "Oh, wait, before we get married, there is something we need to discuss, I mean, we've never talked about it, but I really want you to take my last name? It's just really important to me symbolically that Leslie Knope disappears and becomes Leslie Wyatt, or Councilwoman Mrs. Ben Wyatt, that's fine, too. It's a dealbreaker." "Wait, are you messing with me?" "Yeah."

Ron Swanson head bullet-point "Did you just pee your pants?" "Just a dab."

Ron Swanson head bullet-point "Turtledove?" "Falcon?"

Ron Swanson head bullet-point "Oh thank you so much! You have got an amazing house and a really cool nightgown and seem to be super good at dating." "Yeah, so, can we adopt you as our grandma?" "Fine." "Okay, love you, Grandma!" "We love you, Grandma!"

Ron Swanson head bullet-point "You better make sure my aunt gets her megaphone back!"

Ron Swanson head bullet-point "You are a wonderful person, your friendship means a lot to me, and you look very beautiful." "Okay, weirdo. Let's go."

Ron Swanson head bullet-point "Close only counts in horse grenades."

Ron Swanson head bullet-point "When you're in love, everything seems like a sign."


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