The Parks and Rec Open Thread

image of Ann Perkins (Rashida Jones) holding up a binder with a smiling uterus cartoon reading LET'S DO THIS
"The Knope Way involves a lot of uterine cartoons."

(Spoilers are eating fartcicles herein.)

Oh, Parks and Recreation. How I love you! Let me count the ways! I THINK IT'S ABOUT ONE MILLION!

Taintball! Treacherous calzones! Farts McCool! Fruit roll-up thumbs! I don't even know what to do about this episode! It was an embarrassment of riches!

First, this was a great episode for April—dare I say the episode for which we have all been waiting! Yay for April! She rocked it big time. And it was always going to be that April succeeded when she did it Her Way, but it was still a triumph when it happened, because Parks and Rec is amazing.

Second, I looooooved the dudes doing the wedding planning, and because I am a blub-monster, I totally got all choked up when JJ told Ben he was sending some waffles for Leslie and Ben's eyes lit up with the obviously perfect idea of having JJ's cater the wedding of the millennium. Perfect.

Third, the entire food poisoning scene was so fucking hilarious, I was absolutely breathless. Ron Swanson's butt-clench walk totally sent me over the edge. Brilliant.

And last but definitely not least, I could not have been any more thrilled with the way this episode obliquely dealt with the issue of choice, and how even pro-choice women sometimes struggle to balance their principles against a culture that exhorts us to judge women's choices. "I tried to impose my dream on you and that's wrong. And I'm sorry." So terrific. SO TERRIFIC.

Other things!

Ron Swanson head bullet-point "It was LITERALLY just a small calzone."

Ron Swanson head bullet-point "Fleetwood Mac Sex Pants—new band name! I call it!"

Ron Swanson head bullet-point "I was dying earlier today. And then I died. Now I'm dead."

Ron Swanson head bullet-point "Whoa! It smells like some vomit took a dump in here! What happened?!"

Ron Swanson head bullet-point "I have driven Ann right into the belly of The Douche!"

Ron Swanson head bullet-point "This bag is full of fruit roll-ups and baseball cards!"

Ron Swanson head bullet-point "There's not gonna be a topless park, Darius! Nobody wants your creepy stoner eyes staring at them while they're enjoying a park, okay? Stop being gross."

Ron Swanson head bullet-point "What is more cuterous than your uterus?"

All the swoons. Discuss!

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