Random Nerd Nostalgia: Enter the Forgotten Realms!


[Image Description: a paperback cover is reproduced on the page, for "Forgotten realms: The Crystal Shard" by R. A. Salvatore. In the cover art a white man with blonde hair, a white male dwarf with a beard, and a third person race and gender indeterminate, stand or crouch in the snow. Next to the book cover is a blurb: "The Unfathomable Crystal Shard. A forgotten fragment from some other time and place, with the ability to shatter the Forgotten Realms Forever. A force ten times more powerful than anything the people of Ten Towns could have imagine.But,there is a shard of hope, too. A fearless young warrior named Wulfgar, who had been left for dead, can revive himself, and reunited his barbarian tribe in time to save Ten Towns from certain destruction. From TSR, publishers of the bestselling DRAGONLANCE Saga, comes the most memorable FORGOTTEN REALMS novel, THE CRYSTAL SHARD. Now you can join the horde of over 100,000 who have already ventured into the Realms by way of the first FORGOTTEN REALMS novel, Darkwalker on Moonshae. Begin the search for THE CRYSTAL SHARD today at your local book or hobby store. The time to enter the Forgotten Realms has never been more crystal clear.]

Really, what else are you going to read while you're waiting for the next weekly D&D session, amirite?

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