One Billion Rising

[Content Note: Violence.]

A couple of people have asked me if I have any thoughts on One Billion Rising, which is an invitation to one billion women "and those who love them to WALK OUT, DANCE, RISE UP, and DEMAND an end" to violence against women.

Zerlina's thoughts here pretty well capture my own:
One Billion Rising, while not perfect, does have an appeal to me as a survivor of violence. Sure, dancing isn't going to prevent a man from committing an act of violence, but there is something very powerful about survivors and allies getting together to dance, because dancing is literally about the physical movement of your own body. There is liberation in that autonomy.

...I agree with some of the critiques of One Billion Rising, namely, that it doesn't actually address the causes of violence against women, it simply brings awareness. Obviously, bringing awareness to an issue is necessary, but it's not sufficient in order to actually solve the problem. Dancing isn't going to change rape culture, but if it makes a survivor feel free and in control of her body, if only for a few minutes today, dance on.

And let me know when One Billion men are rising.
That last bit might sound flippant, but particularly juxtaposed with Jess' post, it isn't.

I don't personally feel connected to One Billion Rising as a survivor, but I am genuinely thrilled for the people who do. I value awareness-raising, and though this particular event doesn't excite me shouldn't at all be interpreted to mean that I can't or don't appreciate it has excited lots and lots of people who are on my team, advocating against violence.

So: What do you think? I'm especially curious to hear from Shakers with physical disabilities that limit the ability to dance about whether you feel One Billion Rising is broad enough in its invitation to be inclusive of those who might dance differently or can't dance at all.

[P.S. I can't stop hearing Tom Hardy saying "The Billion Rises!" in a Bane voice.]

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