On Valentine's Day

I've been trying to write this piece on Valentine's Day all morning, and the more I work on it, the more of a muddled garbage disaster it becomes, lol.

So, instead: I have issues with Valentine's Day, as it is commonly regarded and publicly celebrated, because it prizes kyriarchetypical relationships and Others lots of people, and because it has also, at least in the US and aided by a metric fuckton of marketing, taken on a certain feel not dissimilar to the wedding day of a straight couple, i.e. a Day That Women Are Allowed to Matter. You, too, can make up for treating your female partner like garbage the rest of the year with a simple purchase of a gaudy bauble and some flowers for delivery on THIS SPECIAL DAY!

Also: I love Iain every day, and show him that every day. He does the same. And we don't celebrate Valentine's Day, because wev.


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