Good Riddance

[Content Note: Violence; homophobia; racism.]

FMF News: "An amendment to the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) proposed by Senator Charles E. Grassley (R-IA) failed yesterday on a 65 to 34 Senate vote. The proposed amendment would have removed protections for LGBT victims of domestic violence, allow for new restrictions on U visas given to immigrant victims of domestic violence, prevented tribal courts from prosecuting non-Native defendants who are accused of assaulting Native women on tribal lands, and would even eliminate the language 'woman' from the largest grant program within VAWA."

Basically, Grassley's amendment wanted to remove all the things that Republicans used to justify blocking the reauthorization of VAWA, protections which Republican Senator Jeff Sessions accused Democrats of adding to the legislation specifically so the GOP would object to them.

These are the great minds [sic] of the modern Republican Party: Unilaterally opposed to protecting vulnerable people from domestic violence and abuse, and so profoundly removed from good faith that they assume anyone who supports protecting vulnerable people from domestic violence is only doing it to make them look bad.

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