Wednesday Blogaround

This blogaround brought to you by bucatini.

Recommended Reading:

Veronica: No One Deserves to Be Raped [Content Note: The post at this link contains discussion of sexual violence and victim-blaming.]

Lead On Update: Top 10 Disability Events of 2012

Andrew: Catholic Bishop Balks as Illinois Lawmakers Move on Marriage

Ana: Health: Fat Shaming and Playstation Portables [Content Note: The post at this link contains discussion of fat shaming and medical malfeasance.]

HAES® Blog: The HAES® files: 2013, We Are Resolved! [Do you have a story like Ana's, at the previous link? HAES® wants to know!]

Jamilah: The World Didn't End, So Did All the Attention Help or Hurt the Maya?

Aaron: A Moment of Dreaming About Higher Education

Susana: So There's a Petition to Get NASA to Investigate Feasibility of Building the Enterprise

Atrios: No Damn Jobs And No Damn Money

Trudy: On Resting

Carol: 2013 Project

Angry Asian Man: Remember When "Sriracha" Was Added to the Oxford English Dictionary?

Nick: Deal With It

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