[Content Note: Religious supremacy; reference to clergy abuse.]

Another friendly message from my neighborhood church:

image of a church sign reading: 'A person committed to god provides the best modle [sic] for us'

Yes, this is the same church where "Christian" was recently misspelled, too, but whatever. Not everyone's a great speller.

Most people, however, have the capacity to understand, even if they evidently lack the willingness, that posting a public message that people with god-belief are axiomatically good people, and people without god-belief are inherently less than is some real bullshit. (And abuse-abetting, to boot.)

I'm guessing if I walked into that church and asked which god-committed person provides the best model—Jim Jones, Nechemya Weberman, or Osama bin Laden?—I would be instructed they mean Christian people, and if I then asked which Christian god-committed person provides the best model—Jim Bakker, Ted Haggard, or William Lynn?—the No True Scotsman fallacy would be invoked without a trace of irony.

There is no truth to this statement. It is not true that any old person committed to god is "the best" model for everyone. This is just another casual bit of Christian Supremacist bullying that conflates god-belief with ethical behavior. Believing in god is itself not a moral act.

It gets really fucking old being an atheist in this neighborhood.

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