Question of the Day

What movie character most reminds you of yourself?

I don't necessarily mean who you look like, although that may or may not be part of your selection, but to whom you most relate or with whom you most identify.

There are parts of many characters—both comic and tragic, hero and villain—that feel very familiar to me, but the character I always feel the most like is Diane Keaton's Carol Lipton in Manhattan Murder Mystery. Which is weird in one way, because I am hardly a thin, beautiful, rich New Yorker, but OMG the silliness, the breathless pursuit of a conspiracy with an indulgent friend, the conscious enjoyment of letting herself get wound up, the dogged insistence, the barking at her dubious husband to "Keep ringing!"—oh, Maude, I'm laughing just thinking about it.

"If you recall, we solved a mystery! Yep! We solved a mystery once, remember? It was the Noises in the Attic Mystery!"

That is literally something I would actually say to Iain, as he tried to resist my dragging him into another one of my "crackpot schemes."

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