Dog School

Care of Shaker Sammyx, here is a video of a six-month-old lab mix rescue teaching the family's eight-week-old foster puppy how to do stairs. All the blubs ensue.

Video Description: A tiny puppy (Daisy) stands at the top of a short interior staircase. She whimpers as she tries to figure out how to get down the stairs. An older puppy (Simon) runs up the stairs toward Daisy. Offscreen, someone says, "It's okay! Simon will show you how to do it." Simon runs down the stairs. Daisy hovers dubiously on the top step. "Simon, go show her again." Simon runs back up and circles around Daisy, guiding her to the stairs' edge. As she puts her front paws on the first step down, Simon does the same, then keeps going, looking at her to encourage her. Daisy whimpers. "You almost got it!" Simon runs back up and tries to corral her down the stairs underneath him. Daisy runs away and Simon goes after her. He goes back to the stairs and starts down them, then looks back at her. "Come on, come on." Daisy sits at the top of the stairs and whimpers. "Oh, sweetie." Simon runs back up and mouths her head gently. "Simon's gotcha." She starts down the stairs, and Simon meets her halfway, gently mouthing her head and guiding her down safely. "Good girl! Yay! Good job!"

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