An(other) Observation

[Content Note: Rape culture.]

If you are deeply invested in debunking the concept of the rape culture, you are not anti-rape.

This message brought to you by arguing with our pal Doug Saunders on Twitter for the last hour—a man who does not even have a basic understanding of the concept of rape culture, but is nonetheless certain that it does not exist.

UPDATE: Jess graciously Storified my exchange with Saunders (thank you SO MUCH, Jess!), although it is incomplete, because Saunders (as has been noted already in comments) has already deleted a bunch of his tweets at me. And when I called Saunders out on it:

—he responded with:

—feigning confusion to thus imply I might have imagined that he's deleted key parts of our public conversation in which he engaged in rape culture denialism.

Despite gaslighting me with a mystified "?", Saunders nevertheless took time to explain to @JoeZowghi that he "*systematically* deletes @-replies."

Which is manifest horseshit, because some of his @-replies to me are still on his TL, which I just screencapped:

screencaps of @-replies

It's patently obvious he selectively deleted parts of his exchange with me. And now he's being dishonest about the deletions.

Which would be amusing, if it weren't so profoundly unethical, given that this entire exchange began with Saunders inserting himself into a conversation I was having with @EmilyKnits about something he'd tweeted at her last night calling the rape culture a bygone relic, which he subsequently deleted. Whooooooooops I happened to screencap that one last night.

screen cap of Twitter exchange in which Saunders cites crime stats and says 'It *was* a culture.'

Here is a tweet to which I never received a reply:

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