Wednesday Blogaround

This roundup brought to you by the end of the semester.

Newtown-Related Reading:[content notes for guns, violence, death for this entire section]

Mark: Newtown Shootings: Funerals Continue; Biden To Lead Task Force. [content note: gun apologia]

Christina: Newtown Notebook: When the Funeral Processions Drive By.

Adam: Newt Gingrich Blames ‘Anti Religious’ Secular Government For Newtown Shooting. [content note: Christian supremacy]

Jim: In Sermons, Episcopal Leaders in Washington Call for Gun Control.

Matt: Ailes Mouthpiece Hints At Support For Stronger Gun Violence Laws.

Other Recommended Reading:

Alex: Naughty Dog Wants to Make (More) Interesting Female Characters.[content note: sexism in videogaming]

Hemant: The Orleans Parish School Board in Louisiana Just Voted to Ban Creationism from Their Schools. [content note: Christian supremacy]

Rachel: We Heart Hasbro For Responding to Gender Criticism. [content note: gender stereotyping]

Arturo: Video: Franchesca Ramsey’s Powerful ‘How Slut Shaming Becomes Victim Blaming.’ [content note: rape, slut shaming, rape culture]

Jill: DC Comics’ Gail Simone Has Been Removed As The Writer Of Batgirl. [content note: sexism, trans*phobia]

Deborah: The Winter Solstice As Seen From Stonehenge.

Peter: Statue of Freedom Gets New Bonnet, 1911.

Joseph: The Scientific Reason Reindeer Really Do Have Red Noses.

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