Take Your Boobs to the White House Watch

[Content Note: Misogyny.]

In 2008, there was so much pressure for Hillary Clinton to drop out of the Democratic Primary, even when she still had a decent chance of winning the nomination, that I started cataloging the public admonishments for her to go away in a series called Take Your Boobs and Go Home Watch.

Now, with no small amount of bitter irony, there is public pressure for Hillary Clinton to run for the 2016 nomination, even though she has stated multiple times that she currently has no plan nor desire to run.

This, as I have mentioned once or twice, ahem, irritates the fuck outta me. For a lot of reasons. I hate that Clinton is constantly cajoled to act in contravention to her stated will. I hate that she is treated like public property. I hate the creeping narrative that she owes the Democratic Party and liberal voters another run. And I hate most of all the evident contempt for female ambition wrapped up in shouting at her to take her boobs home when she wants the presidency, and shouting at her to take her boobs to the White House when she doesn't.

Here is just a small sampling of pieces I've read over the past two days:

Paul Steinhauser at CNN: Clinton Rides High Poll Numbers Into Private Life (For Now?)

Luisita Lopez Torregrosa at the New York Times: Hillary Dominates 2016 Chatter in Washington.

George Stephanopoulos at ABC: James Carville: 90% of Dems Want Hillary Clinton.

Lindsey Boerma at CBS: Hillary Clinton for President in 2016?

Bobby Cervantes at Politico: Martin O'Malley: Hillary Clinton 'Could Be a Great President.' [Note: O'Malley's quote in the piece ends with his saying if she wants to do it.]

HuffPo: Hillary Clinton in 2016: Celebrities Who Support Clinton.

Etc. And of course there one of the periodic "when will Chelsea run for office?" stories, too, care of the NY Daily News: Chelsea Clinton Continues Evolution into Public Figure as She Moderates Panel—the lede of which is: "One of the Clintons is fueling new speculation that she might run for office one day. Not Hillary Clinton—but Chelsea."

I am five op-eds away from showing up on YouTube with mascara streaming down my face beseechingly wailing at everyone to "Leave Chelsea alone!" FYI.

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