Film Corner: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

image of Martin Freeman as The Hobbit, in a still from the movie

Does anyone want to talk about The Hobbit?

Iain and I saw it with our friends A & M this weekend, and we loved it so much. Now, granted, one of the first things Iain and I ever spoke about was Tolkien, and our first movie date ever was The Fellowship of the Rings, so: 1. We are nerdz (breaking news!); and 2. This was always going to be special to us unless it was terrible. And it was definitely not terrible.

I should also tell you that I have a 12-inch vinyl record with storybook of the old Rankin-Bass animated feature, to which I used to listen over and over and over on my Scooby-Doo record player until I could say and sing the entire thing from memory. And I also had a Hobbit coloring book out of which my mother had to tear the Gollum page because Gollum terrified me so!

What I'm saying is: I love The Hobbit. A lot. Which I want to make clear so that you have the full context when I say that I loved this movie so much.

I won't completely nerd out about every little thing I loved about it, because I would be here all day and no one would read it. I will only say three things:

1. The casting was great, especially Martin Freeman as Bilbo. He was SO great!

2. I couldn't discern any difference at all re: the different frame rate, even trying to look for it. I realize some people might just be more sensitive to that than others.

3. [spoiler warning!] The scene where Bilbo tells Thorin that he's continuing with them because he's got a home and they don't and he wants to help them reclaim their home in whatever way he can...? OMG. If I were a hobbit, my name would be Blubbo Baggins.


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