The Parks and Rec Open Thread

image of Leslie Knope standing next to a sign reading 'Now Entering Pawnee: Good Luck With That.'
Eagleton! *shakes fist*

(Spoilers are frolicking in pocket parks herein.)

This was a weird episode for me, because I didn't love the whole park arc, AND I never love the episodes where everyone is all split up. (Plus, I just didn't buy that Leslie wouldn't have found a way to be part of Tom's store launch.) But that said, there were a lot of funny lines, it gave me one of my biggest laughs from any episode ever (I'll come back to that), and I loved some of the sweet, subtle peeks into relationships between characters: April gently nudging Andy forward; the gang raising money for Tom; Ron helping out Chris by teaching him woodworking. So: MIXED BAG!

(But a mixed bag from Parks & Rec is still about a million times better than pretty much any other show on TV, lol.)

Here are other things!

Ron Swanson head bullet-point "Your show last week on dolphin lactation was just riveting radio."

Ron Swanson head bullet-point "Worm Park. I'm Guilty."

Ron Swanson head bullet-point "Much like women in '90s stand-up comedy routines, Tommy be shoppin'. … So if you see a 14-year-old kid wearing a Louis Vuitton cravat, you know who to thank: Me. And Louis Vuitton—for making some dope-ass cravats."

Ron Swanson head bullet-point "Chris gave me this great job as a weekend security guard at City Hall. Only one problem: It's a terrible job."

Ron Swanson head bullet-point "Leslie, look what Reston commissioned from the balloon artisan—it's us!"

Ron Swanson head bullet-point "Say what you want about Pawneeans, but we never give up!" "We have a mural called The Many Surrenders of Pawnee."

Ron Swanson head bullet-point "I think what's important is that we all had a goal, and we achieved it." "So you like the place?" "Oh no. It's quite terrible."

Ron Swanson head bullet-point "If there were more food and fewer people, this would be a perfect party."

Ron Swanson head bullet-point "Wow, you made those losers very happy."

Ron Swanson head bullet-point "I've never met two people more passionate about their hometown." "Oh, I'm actually from Minnesota." "Why do you know so much about Pawnee?" "Well, I'm in love with a woman from here—a strange, passionate, goofball of a woman."

Ron Swanson head bullet-point "You were in the FBI."

Ron Swanson head bullet-point "I hate all of this. Which probably means it's good for your business."

Ron Swanson head bullet-point And this, which made me laugh SO HARD (I must've watched it 12 times): "How are there palm trees here?" "Well, Eagleton lies on top of a hot spring, which creates a micro-climate zone. We are, uh, heh, truly blessed."

image of Ben sticking out his tongue in the most hilariously juvenile expression ever

Amazing. Adam Scott is a national treasure.


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