Two Facts

[Content Note: Violence; terrorism; racism; misogyny.]

As you may recall, in August of this year there was a shooting at the Family Research Council's D.C. offices, in which a security guard was injured but survived. Last week, as briefly noted here, the suspect in the shooting, Floyd Lee Corkins II, who was taken into custody at the scene has been indicted on a terrorism charge.

Here are two interesting facts:

1. The Family Research Council is a conservative, anti-gay organization which has been identified as a hate group by the SPLC.

2. Floyd Corkins is a person of color. I don't know how he personally identifies, but he was described in early reports on the day of the shooting as a "black male."

Here is a variation on those facts:

1. The Family Research Council is not an abortion clinic.

2. Floyd Corkins is not a white man.


[Note: In case it isn't evident, I am not making an argument for less scrutiny in this case. I am making an argument for more scrutiny when the targets of terroristic acts are pro-choice women and they are committed by white men.]

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