This is the video I was hoping someone would make.

Mitt Romney is a bully. And he was a bully during the debate last night. And here is the evidence, care of the DNC.

Clip of David Brooks in post-debate analysis saying, "I do think Romney looked aggressive—maybe a little over-aggressive..."

Clip from debate of Mitt Romney arguing with moderator Jim Lehrer: "Jim, let me just come back on that, on that point, which is—" [crosstalk as Lehrer tries to stop him and Romney plows on]

Clip of Chris Matthews in post-debate analysis saying, "Romney didn't just take on the President; he also went after the moderator."

Clip from debate of Romney talking over Lehrer as Lehrer futilely tries to stop him: "Let's get back to Medicare."

Brooks: "...just a bulldozer, just kept going..."

Clip from debate of Romney bickering with Lehrer again, and insisting, "No, no I have to respond to that!"

Brooks: "...kept going, kept going..."

Clip of Lehrer saying, "We're way over our first 15 minutes," and Romney saying, "It's fun, isn't it?"

Brooks: "...just kept going..."

Clip of Obama looking exhausted while Romney argues with Lehrer: "The President began this segment, so I think I get the last word."

Text Onscreen: Mitt Romney. What a guy.

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