Rescued Ducks Swim for the First Time

Below, an amazing video of ducks who were rescued from a hoarding situation experiencing water for the first time at a farm sanctuary. Yay!

Video Description: A badelynge of ducks comes waddling and quacking into a penned-in pond area, followed by humans who are gently herding them. Text Onscreen: "These ducks came from a hoarding case and had never spent time in the water. With clean 'bills' of health we were finally able to integrate them with the rest of our flock." The ducks are herded toward the water but scurry away from its edge. "Getting them into the water was not as easy as you would think!" The ducks charge back and forth, every which way, but they won't venture into the water. Finally, the humans are able to corral them into the pond. The ducks splash into the water then immediately run out. Finally, the humans begin picking them up one by one and putting them into the water. One duck rushes back to land. Another floats on the water's surface, then ducks hir head below the surface. Suddenly, zie begins diving under again and again joyfully. "Hey, that's kind of nice..." And then, as more ducks are put into the pond, the love of the water becomes contagious. All the ducks dive and splash and chatter and swim. They don't look scared anymore. They look happy. Logo: Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary.

[H/T to RIT.]

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