Pre-Debate Thread

image of Romney and Obama at the last debate, gesturing toward one another; I have added text indicating Romney is saying 'Am I going to get more time? You've got to give me more time. You gave that jerk more time, so I should get more time.' and Obama is saying 'If you got as much time as your debate opponent, but you can't remember five seconds later, you might have ROMNESIA!'

There will be an Open Thread for the debate tonight, but in advance of tonight's HOT DEBATE ACTION, I want to share some resources and thoughts...

You will be able to access livestreaming debate coverage online at The debate will also air in the US and parts of Canada on C-SPAN and the major television networks.

As always, I'll be on Twitter, too: @shakestweetz.

Please feel welcome and encouraged to recommend your own or other Twitter feeds, and additional resources, that will be covering, discussing, or providing analysis of the debate.

* * *

Tonight is the third and final presidential debate, and it will be another traditional style debate, by which I mean podiums and a white male moderator.

Tonight's subject is foreign policy, so get ready for a terrible night of President Obama bragging about killing Osama bin Laden and Mitt Romney promising to nuke Iran. There will DEFINITELY be lots of magnificent debate about who will kill more brown people with drones. If we're lucky, Mitt Romney will declare war on China!

Let us hope that President Obama boned up with his Secretary of State on how centralizing inclusion for women and protections for the LGBTQI community globally is important to this administration. Let us hope those ideas will still be important to this administration after Hillary Clinton is no longer a part of it. The President speaking about them tonight would be a strong reassurance.

You know, if we can sneak it in between the arm-wrestling and the dick-measuring contest.

As always, I'll close this thread once the Open Thread is posted later tonight. In the meantime: Talk about these things! Or don't. Whatever makes you happy. Life is short.

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