Gregg for Governor

Speaking (obliquely) of Indiana politics, I feel I have been remiss in not sharing with you my fondness for the Democratic candidate for governor in my fine state who is losing by double digits to the singularly odious Mike Pence, who is such a garbage nightmare (example!) he may truly make me miss Mitch Daniels.

This is the man who will probably lose to him: John Gregg.

image of John Gregg, a smiling middle-aged white man with a thick mustache and glasses

He says things like "soda shoppe" and his dog is named Mr. Klauss. This is his campaign logo:

image of a campaign button reading Gregg for Indiana and featuring a graphic of a mustache

John Gregg is personally pro-life, but doesn't believe he has the right to legislate that. He is sharing his ticket with a pro-choice woman, and has a women's issues section on his website where he vows to "oppose all efforts to defund Planned Parenthood," which is a major issue in Indiana. In the fair pay section, his website notes that women of color are disproportionately affected by unequal pay.

He also runs some pretty hilarious ads.

[Gregg stands holding an umbrella, with water obviously being poured on it] I'm John Gregg, the guy with two first names running for governor. This is our cheap special effects way of showing how Mike Pence wants to drain the Rainy Day Fund. Mike thinks we can just turn the money on and off like they do in Congress. But the state's already cut $600 million from our schools. Draining the Rainy Day Fund means even more cuts to education if the economy gets bad again. As a former university president, I think that's...a bad idea! [The camera pulls back to show two young men on a roof, spilling water on him from a hose.] Okay, boys, you can knock it off now!
Mike Pence is probably going to win. But I support John Gregg.

If you'd like to make a donation to try to help defeat Mike Pence, you can donate to John Gregg here.

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