An Observation

I keep watching that video of the Libya exchange in the debate. It was real drama: At first, it almost appears that the President says, "Please proceed, Governor," because Romney's really caught him out, but then OMG it becomes apparent he was actually giving Romney an out before he made a total jackass of himself and/or an invitation to plow forward making a total jackass of himself, as Candy Crowley BOOM drops the hammer. "He did, in fact, sir. He did use the word. He did call it an act of terror."

It was exciting watching it happen live. I felt like Obama just got Colonel Jessup to admit he ordered the Code Red!

I love it. And also? I realize it's terribly wrong that it's remarkable to have such a rare moment of naked honesty, even at the expense of embarrassing a candidate, during a presidential debate.

Sometimes candidates could stand to be embarrassed, when they behave in contemptible ways.

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