Today in Mitt Romney Is Terrible

image of Mitt Romney at a campaign event, throwing his head back laughing, to which I have added text reading: 'I am so terrible!'

Here is some of today's news about how terrible Mitt Romney is...

David Corn for Mother JonesRomney's Video-Debunking Claim Is Debunked:
The Romney campaign was clearly implying the whole video was rubbish. But there's a slight problem. Politico's Dylan Byers, the source for the debunking charge, quickly noted that he had done no such thing. He wrote:
there is nothing in my report that "debunks" the video.
...Nevertheless, some Romney backers have cried foul and managed to turn this into a dispute they can use to raise questions about the secret Romney tape.

But don't take my word. Here's more from Byers:
More mysterious still, is why the Romney campaign wants to debunk a video containing remarks that the candidate doubled-down on in a follow-up press conference.
Slate's Dave Weigel has weighed in as well:
By calling the whole tape "debunked" and "selectively edited," the campaign's hewing closer to the argument -- the real story is liberal media-Obama collusion. And the result is a sort of paradox, in which Romney stands by what he said in a video that you can't trust.
It was bizarre.
Bizarre—and, of course, totally par for the course for the toxic stew of mendacity and incompetency that is the Mitt Romney campaign.

Rachel Streitfeld for CNN—Romney Promises to 'Help the 100%': "Mitt Romney renewed his outreach to Latino voters Wednesday in a wide-ranging and, at times, pointed Q&A session, declaring he would be president for 'the 100%' as he sought to regain his footing in the race to the White House. ... Romney did receive immediate criticism online during the forum, however, for once referring to people in the country illegally as 'illegal aliens'."

Ezra Klein for Bloomberg—What Mitt Romney Doesn't Get About Responsibility: "Still, for my money, the worst of Romney's comments were these: 'My job is not to worry about those people. I'll never convince them that they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.' When he said this, Romney didn't just write off half the country behind closed doors. He also confirmed the worst suspicions about who he is: an entitled rich guy with no understanding of how people who aren't rich actually live."

For inexplicable reasons, the Romney campaign has decided that the best way to restore Mitt Romney's image as a detestable, out-of-touch, garbage-spewing machine is by sending him out even more to talk "about how his ideas will help regular Americans who remain deeply suspicious of him." Welp, that sounds like a perfect plan!

Poll Time: Democratic Enthusiasm Swells in the Swing States, Nationally. "Overall, 59% of swing-state voters now highly enthusiastic, up from 46% in June."

"Thanks, Mitt Romney!"—President Barack Obama.

In related news, Paul Ryan is terrible, too!

And finally! This is the worst movie I've ever seen. TWO THUMBS DOWN.

"Mitt Romney and the Infinite Sadness"

Video Description: A montage of scenes of Mitt Romney being an awkward jackass on the campaign trail, in interviews, and on chat shows. Among his buffoonery: He stumbles over a question about his Biblical beliefs; he insults various women; he talks unconvincingly about his broad musical tastes; he says absurd shit like, "I live for laughter" and "I actually like jokes as well as things that are sort of fun; my sons like spontaneous humor, not jokes, but I like it all!"; he tries to make a $10,000 bet with Rick Perry at a debate; he says, "I'm running for office, for pete's sake—I can't have illegals!"

Essentially, he's a social trainwreck, and it's evidently because he is constantly trying to figure out the "best" answer to give, rather than the honest answer. That, plus the fact that he's so privileged he has no perspective on how unfathomably cruel he is.

Comparing these clips to the eloquent and confident Romney in the 47% video, where he's really saying what he feels, rather than trying to offer political answers to even the most basic questions, really underscores what a dishonest, opportunistic, pandering fucko he is.

Talk about these things! Or don't. Whatever makes you happy. Life is short.

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