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[Content Note: Harassment; violence; anti-Semitism.]

"It was like a game thing."—A "troll," who wreaked terroristic havoc in Leo Traynor's life, online and offline, explaining why he did it after Traynor confronted him.

Traynor's piece about the incident, which takes a rather surprising turn, is here.

I don't know that I would have made the same decision, in the end, that Traynor did. I wouldn't have had faith that the lesson being learned wasn't simply to mess with different sort of people, in future. People even more vulnerable.

If I'm totally honest, it's also because I know a woman who lets shit slide, even with the best of motivations, doesn't get called a hero, especially if there's any chance that shit will happen again to someone else.

Anyway. This isn't really about what happened to Traynor's harasser. It's about why he was a harasser in the first place. It was like a game thing. That is terrifying evidence of the dehumanization underlying harassment. It's all just a game.

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