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[Content note for racism]

Know who's awesome? Dr. Melissa Harris-Perry is awesome. #Nerdland

Hollywood took a giant shit all over one of the best-loved Christmas movies of all time. Coming soon: Christmas Story 2. For real.

Rush Limbaugh is still gross. (Also, what's up with his sponsors? Have they returned? Anyone know?)

Four transgender women, each of whom had very different experiences of prostitution and the transition to living as a woman, share their stories.

Did you hear about the Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence's annual conference? It's got some awesome guests lined up. Check it out!

Today in robotic exoskeleton news: Paralympian to use technologically advanced suit at home.

McDonald's will open outlets serving all-vegetarian menus for the first time at two of India's most-visited pilgrimage sites.

How Orgasms Work, in Less Than 3 Minutes. Watch it multiple times, if you can.

For orangutans, playing with iPad apps appears to be as popular among the apes as it is with humans.

Grindr wants you to vote. Sure, they probably want you to vote Republican, but they still want you to vote. (As was pointed out in comments, Manhunt is run by a Republican, not Grindr. Sorry, Grindr! I don't use either one; I do my tricking the old fashioned way: shakin' my ass on the dancefloor!)

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