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[Content note for racism, homophobia, violence, misogyny]

This stuff happened recently.

A group of dildobrains in Kansas has decided not to remove President Obama's name from the ballot come November. They had previously cited racism "questions over his citizenship" as the basis for the move.

This is a real thing in the world: "He will will be dead on arrival when you show up in this drop dead sexy Jane Doe DOA bodybag adult women's costume." WHUT?! Good fucking lord.

This is a surprise (it's not). iTunes might be a bunch of douchebags. They've censored The Vagina Monologues on their service. Also a surprise (it's not), lots of other stuff (porn titles, for example) isn't redacted on the site.

Sad Face: "Children need a father and a mother. I can't think of anything worse than being brought up by two gay dads." — Rupert Everett

Rebuttal: "Shut up, Rupert Everett." — Deeky

Speaking of the fight against homophobia, here is a site dedicated to the four states (Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington) battling for marriage equality this November.

Mei Xiang, the National Zoo's giant panda, gave birth to her second panda cub Sunday night.

"Ho-ly shit!" Killer Klowns From Outer Space is finally on Blu-Ray.

"Corn Nuts!" Bravo is turning Heathers into a TV series for some reason.

Want to see someone shredding up "Hotel California" on keytar? Of course you do. Why wouldn't you?

More stuff will happen tomorrow.

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