This is a real thing in the world.

[Content Note: Violent rhetoric; racism.]

image of Tea Party billboard in Elkhart, IN

Above, an image of a billboard in Elkhart, Indiana, paid for by a local Tea Party outfit, which features an image of Navy Seals accompanied by the text: "The Navy Seals removed one threat to America...the voters must remove the other."

We the People of Marshall and Fulton counties, the Tea Partiers responsible for the billboard, are naturally asserting, despite the fact that the billboard clearly compares President Obama to Osama bin Laden and tacitly suggests voters should "remove" President Obama the way Navy Seals "removed" bin Laden, that it's simply a Get Out the Vote initiative.


In the Elkhart Truth, local Tom Butler says if the group intends to encourage voting, then "that's what they should say. They're adding militaristic jingoism." Excellent point, Tom Butler!

I don't guess I need to point out that conflating President Obama with an Islamic terrorist and saying he's an equivalent threat to the nation is not only wildly wrong and profoundly inappropriate, but also a racist dog-whistle. Where the dog-whistle has been replaced with a megaphone.

[H/T to Digby.]

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