Photos of the Day

There are so many ridiculously adorbz pictures of President and First Lady Obama from a joint appearance in Davenport, Iowa, last week that I hardly know what to do with myself! I hope, for them, that they are as deeply in love and as deeply in respect for one another as they appear to be. And I love, selfishly, all these amazing pictures of what seems to be as close to a straight egalitarian partnership as can be achieved in a culture that discourages straight egalitarian partnerships in virtually every conceivable way.

image of President Obama standing to one side, grinning proudly, while First Lady Obama speaks at a podium

image of President and First Lady Obama making cute faces at each other onstage

image of President Obama kissing First Lady Obama on the cheek

image of the President's and First Lady's hands, held as the First Lady speaks

image of First Lady Michelle Obama at a podium, triumphantly lifting her arms, while President Barack Obama gazes on proudly

image of the President and First Lady hugging onstage in front of a huge crowd

image of President Obama laughing with First Lady Obama making a funny expression beside him

image of First Lady Obama looking at President Obama, who has his head tossed back, laughing

image of the President and First Lady hugging; the President's face is visible over the First Lady's shoulder, and he just looks incandescently happy

image of the President and First Lady holding each other loosely, looking at each other, and smiling

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