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Recommended Reading:

[Content Note for rape culture on this entire section] On Akin's "legitimate rape" comments and how they fit into larger anti-choice and rape apologist narratives, and other things:

Garance: A Canard That Will Not Die: 'Legitimate Rape' Doesn't Cause Pregnancy

Pam: Congressman Todd Akin Has Opinions

Kate: Rep. Todd Akin: Wrong, But Not Alone

David: Akin's Comments about Rape and Pregnancy Common Among Anti-Choice Movement

Scott: Defending Akin

Chloe: A Thank You Note for Todd Akin

Ben: Fox Lets Rove Discuss Akin Rape Comments Without Disclosing His Conflict of Interest

And other recommended stuff...

Margaret: Congressional Republicans Called Out for Skinny-dipping in Holy Land

moyazb: America breeds terrorists. And they are white not brown. [Content Note: Racism; terrorism.]

Resistance: Update: Valley Swim Club [Content Note: Racism.]

Atrios: Oh Lordy The Conventions Are Almost Here

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