Friday Blogaround

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Recommended Reading:

Renee: The Microaggressions We Live With [Content Note: The post at this link includes discussion and description of sexual assault.]

Tom: Paul Ryan Is the Embodiment of the Machine Our Music Rages Against [Content Note: The post at this link includes disablist language and a reference to torture.]

Tracie: Mother of Transgender Toddler Gets a Lesson in Love [Content Note: The post at this link includes discussion of transphobia and gender essentialism; it also makes brief reference to the "trapped in another body" frame, which some find objectionable.]

Jeremy: No labels. No claims. No editorializing. Just Tony Perkins' record. [Content Note: The post at this link is a compilation of FRC's Tony Perkins gross homophobic quotes and policy endorsements.]

Steve: Just Erase the Word

Latoya: Eva Longoria Talks Social Justice in Lucky

Angela: Fat as Rebellion: My Fat Says "Fuck You" [Content Note: The post at this link contains discussion of fat bias, misogyny, and disordered eating.]

Andrew: Geraldo Asks Whether Homeland Security Is Controlled by 'Lesbian Cabal'

Angry Asian Man: Seoul Sausage on The Great Food Truck Race

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