Daily Dose of Cute

It's hot! And after a long walk yesterday, we had some hot dogs panting their faces off in our living room!

Video Description: Zelda sits on the chaise in front of me, panting, her blue-spotted tongue lolling out of her mouth. Dudley stands in the background, also panting. "Why don't you guys drink some water?" I suggest. Zelda is all "good idea!" and hops up and goes to the water bowl. Lap lap lap. Dudley looks like he's considering it, then turns, like he might flop on the couch instead. "Dudley, why don't you drink some water?" I say. He walks back to the water dish; turns and looks at Iain. "Drink some water, silly!" he says. "Go on, Dudz!" I tell him. He looks at me, tongue lolling. He looks into the kitchen. Looks at Iain. "Dudley," I say. "Drink some water, c'mon." *kissy noises* He looks at me then finally goes to the bowl. Lap lap lap. "That's a good boy," I tell him. He stands and pants, looking around. "The tongue of doom," I say. "C'mere, Dudz." *kissy noises* "Come." He starts to come to me, then thinks better, looks in the kitchen (because he wants a treat, which I won't give him yet because bloat), then drinks some more water. Zelda lies on the floor nearby, panting and lolling her mottled tongue. Dudley stands and lolls. "What a good boy," I tell him.

image of Zelda, with her tongue hanging out and moving so fast it's a blur
"It's hot!"

image of Dudley, with his tongue hanging out and moving so fast it's a blur
"It's hot!"

image of Dudley panting, while Zelda is flopped on the floor beside him panting
"We're so hot!"

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